Pay Per Click


White Label AdWords Management

SEO Resellers South Africa’s white label, wholesale Pay Per Click (PPC) services is  a marketing effort that is best left in the hands of experienced digital marketing experts whose understanding and experience on how to obtain optimal return on investment for you and your clients.

SEO Resellers South Africa comprises a team of qualified and experienced professionals in PPC, standing by to offer these services to you at wholesale prices. Our staff is strictly monitored for update training and quality control.

We are specialists in all aspects of PPC and AdWords marketing. We can assist you in any direction you need for your clients, including the running and management of a search network, display network, remarketing or a Google Shopping AdWords Campaign.

Owing to our extensive offering in all aspects of digital marketing in South Africa, SEO Resellers South Africa is also proud to offer digital agencies assistance in every aspect of PPC and AdWords marketing. We have world-class designers to design landing pages and websites as well as English-speaking copywriters who can create content for adverts, blogs, blurbs, emailer and all other elements of copywriting.

If you’re struggling to find the time or capital required to focus and grow your business in order to satisfy your clients, then it’s time to become a reseller by offloading your time-consuming PPC efforts and AdWords management campaigns to SEO Resellers South Africa. 

We simply offer you a helping hand and we allow you to focus on keeping your clients satisfied.

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Search Network

Display Network


Mobile Only

Video Ads

Shopping Ads


PPC Audit

Keyword research in terms of estimated cost per click, competition, searches.

Campaign Draft

Ad Groups, Keywords, Ads, Banners, Extensions, Negatives, Call Outs.

Campaign Setup

Setting, location, bidding, sitelinks, scheduling, budgeting, billing.

Conversion Tracking

Creations and installation of conversions. IE: Form enquiries, phone calls, sales, sign-ups.

Landing Pages

Landing pages creation and optimisation

Budget Monitoring

Analysis and revision in budgeting, Ads, Keywords, extensions, bidding.

Weekly Analysis & Revisions

(Analysis and Revisions in Budgeting, Ads, Keywords, Extensions, Bidding)

Weekly & Monthly Reports

Weekly AdWords performance reports for first month and then monthly AdWords performance reports.


SEMrush + Google Keyword Planner

Keywords and Ads Research


Landing Pages Creation

Agency Analytics + ReportGarden

AdWords Performance Reporting

Optimizely + Crazzy Eggs

For conversion optimisation

Owing to our white label reports, supplied via our client portal, keeping track of your clients’ AdWords and PPC marketing campaigns is easy.

Allow us to manage the day-to-day processes involved in running your client’s successful Pay Per Click campaign, and you can spend more time growing your agency. GET IN TOUCH FOR A FREE TRIAL TODAY.


Achieve Quality Traffic Today!

With Google accounting for more than 90% of all online searches in South Africa, having your client’s online business listed and visible is imperative for success. Our PPC service, run by Google AdWords, is designed to drive quality traffic towards your client’s website that will tangibly boost your client’s bottom-line.

Receive More Visits To Your Website

Our group of Google-certified PPC specialists do the Keyword research and write ads that will optimise the campaign you desire for your client on a daily basis, persistently tweaking it to achieve the best performance for value. We have taken an impressive number of South African businesses to the top of the search engine results with our PPC programme.

Earn Quality Over Quantity

The quantity of traffic towards your client’s website is nowhere near as important as the quality is. — Each SEO Resellers South Africa Google AdWords campaign is tailored specifically to attract visitors who are looking for your particular product or service; and more importantly, our SEO programme directs such traffic towards your client’s website using information based on Keywords, demographics and locations.

Acquire What You Need And Only Pay For What You Require

The beauty of our PPC model is that your client needs only pay for actual clicks. It doesn’t cost your client a cent to appear in search engines results. They only start paying when a prospective customer clicks on the ad. This is why PPC is considered one of the most cost-effective online marketing channels available. Furthermore, with specifically-directed information regarding your clients’ audience, a drive of quality leads becomes more reliable. A/B testing is also harnessed with our PPC programme.