Social Media Marketing & Management

There’s no denying the influence of Social Media in any marketing solution. Here’s how we can help with your Social Media Marketing & Management;

Social Media Management

  • Creating new or revamping old accounts to reflect creativity and professionalism (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram)
  • Posting 2 or 3 unique and appealing posts each week with graphics
  • Joining relevant groups to strengthen social media results
  • Engaging with Social Media users to get more likes and followers

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Campaigns that increase likes
  • Campaigns that increase traffic to website

Social Media Marketing Management That Delivers Results

We’ll Do The Time Consuming Tasks Involved In Your Client’s Social Media Marketing And Management, Leaving You Time To Focus On What Matters

Do you need to create, manage and run a social media profile (on any platform) for your client’s business but don’t have the time to do it? Then you need to contact SEO Resellers South Africa.White Label Social Media

A dedicated and detailed social media marketing and management service is something that most agencies and marketers would like to offer but lack the skill and time needed to do it. It’s our goal to fill this gap by creating an unbranded, quality solution that you can use to grow your client’s business as well as your own.

SEO Resellers South Africa offers wholesale, white label social media management and marketing for South African digital marketers, specialising in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. We work with your specific end goal in mind – be it growing your presence, generating leads or handling customer relationships online.

SEO Resellers South Africa places a strong emphasis on solidly understanding your clients so that we represent both you and them professionally and competently. Our aim is to communicate the benefits provided by your client as well as the problems they solve, to the right target market, in the right place and at the right time. We aim to provide this at a reasonable price, and in a manner that meets your agency needs best.

Our hands on approach means that we will take control of your social media from strategy to completion – including creating the branded images and wording you post, managing a posting schedule and handling all engagement through your relevant channels. This holistic approach allows us to fully understand what is required and make sure that we deliver on it. If your goals are rather to build up a quality database of leads we will assist you with lead generation strategies and implementation. These leads can be used as the basis for future email marketing campaigns to new and existing clients for sales drives or even more lead generation!

We don’t believe in undertaking anything that doesn’t add value for you as a client. After all, your success is instrumental to ours. Our process differs greatly from most other South African social media specialists you could outsource to, in that we work directly with you, and we don’t promise instant results overnight. Long term sustainable success does not happen immediately, and we emphasise this to all clients we work with.

It is critical that each and every process we undertake comes as a logical progression from our briefing processes and documents that you complete, so that we understand your client’s core messages completely.  We start with a holistic benchmarking process, and once this is complete, we make recommendations and start working to produce results. Everything we do is tracked, measured and monitored and where necessary revised or adjusted for optimum results. Our aim is to create a long-term and sustainable return on your investment rather than fast, fake results.

We’re ready to put our money where our mouth is and show you the value we can add by outsourcing your Social Media Management to SEO Resellers South Africa. Join us for 3 months free for your first SEO campaign and see how we can work together to get the best result for your clients with no risk or obligation.