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With all our years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we can relate to the frustrations that all South African digital agencies encounter:  

  • Expensive local resources
  • Time-consuming digital marketing practices
  • Clients with unrealistic expectations and inadequate budgets

Do you experience any of these frustrations in your digital business? Are these preventing you from growing your digital agency to the size and success that you dream of? 

Our goal is to remove these pain points and challenges for you, and clear your cluttered desk, allowing you to rather focus on the relationship with your clients by offering an enhanced and optimised version of your services.  

Imagine what impact this free time can have on the growth of your business; get more clients and make more money! 

SEO RESELLERS SOUTH AFRICA offers a range of reliable, high-quality and trustworthy wholesale and white label digital marketing services for your South African digital, marketing and creative business. 



Without effective SEO practices, content is worthless.

With our white label SEO offering, you will have access to the right tools so that you can create, manage and monitor all your clients’ campaigns, in real time.

Our advanced SEO system tools are updated daily, which gives you up-to-date Keyword Rankings. What’s more, this includes your full Google Analytics & historical performance reports.


Your clients’ campaigns can benefit immensely from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Managing these campaigns properly, which includes keeping vigil and split-testing, is time-consuming, no matter how good you are.

Allow our expert AdWords specialists to manage all your clients’ campaigns from development to deployment through to reporting and this includes Landing Page and Banner design.

All our white label reports are available to you through our portal.


SEO Resellers South Africa will assist you in developing your clients’ business websites, blogs, e-Commerce stores and the redesigning or revamping of existing sites, including your own.

Our white label website design and development teams are specialists in HTML, CSS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Business Catalyst, Custom PHP, Core PHP, Open Cart, WooCommerce, Volusion and others.


It’s no secret that Social Media Management for your clients takes up a lot of your digital agency’s time.

Writing, graphic designing and posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are time-consuming.

Take the load off by using our white label social media management services, which cover all the major social media channels through which we provide all content and images as well as image copy.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the next step you need to take for your clients’ marketing efforts.

Once SEO, AdWords and Email Marketing have generated traffic to your clients’ websites, you need to “convert” these leads into sales, which is your clients’ bottom-line after all. 

Our white label CRO specialists use proven techniques to drive qualified web traffic to your clients’ websites.


Content affects all digital marketing. Without high-quality, relevant and regular content, ranking on Google’s first page is highly unlikely.

Our white label copywriting team of native English-speaking copywriters can create all your clients’ emailer, website content, blogs, press releases and product descriptions.

Be confident in your copywriting services by providing your clients with content that is well-written and appropriate, and written by us.


Our dedicated resources department is your solution to managing the capacity problems your agency is experiencing, brought on by the volume increase from your clients.

We are your white label outsourced resource made available to you when and where you need it, at wholesale rates.

This ensures your clients’ digital marketing services are produced without you having to hire expensive extra local staff.


“When I first started working with SEO Resellers South Africa, I had 4 outstanding and incomplete web design jobs that just needed the copy provided by the client. Thanks to their white label copywriting service, I was able to have all 4 websites completed within 8 working days and could bill my clients for the completion of the site. Game Changer!”

Brett Henderson, Your SEO Company

“I was about to hire a new full-time SEO resource for my company, and to be honest, we just couldn’t afford it. We were busy though, so I saw no other choice. SEO Resellers South Africa knocked on my door just in time for me to outsource our SEO overflow work to them and save myself thousands on salary costs every month. They now do ALL our SEO work for us and my client’s rankings have never been better.”

Michelle Smith, Onsite Online Marketing

“One of the most time-consuming parts of running my own AdWords marketing agency was the reporting. I say “was”  because I don’t do it myself anymore. Thanks to SEO Reselllers South Africa, once a month, in my Inbox I receive a report for each one of my client’s campaigns, white label and ready to be sent off. It’s that simple.”

Emma Patterson, Hola! Websites

“Thanks, SEO Resellers South Africa for all your help! Thanks to you, we’ve been able to take our database of PR clients and turn them into digital clients without us having to learn any new skills. The new, untapped revenue from these clients has transformed our PR agency.”

Edward Plant, Lead A Better Busienss


Our goal is to help South African digital agencies (web designers, SEO pros, Social Media Managers, PR agencies, Business Coaches and AdWords Specialists) achieve success by providing top quality, white label digital marketing services such as SEO, AdWords, Social Media Management, Web Design and Development, Copywriting and Virtual Assistants at wholesale rates.

We offer customised solutions to enhance your client’s brand image. We are white label providers of specific marketing solutions that not only aid the branding process but also provide your clients with the appropriate marketing resources to help them grow.

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