Drive additional website traffic and sales with our methodical CRO processes

Are your clients complaining that their websites aren’t generating enough quality leads despite the increase in visitor traffic? Worried that there has been no increase in signups or enquiries?

Converting traffic into paying customers is a bit more complex than just driving hordes of traffic to a website. There are many reasons why visitors do not take the next step in making a purchase once they land on a client’s website. Complimentary to SEO is CRO that stands for conversion rate optimisation. The CRO process uncovers the elements and aspects of a website that could be blocking sales conversions by providing recommendations and techniques that promise to flip this challenging business frustration on its head.


CRO is the next natural step to SEO. At SEO Resellers SA we employ experts in conversion rate optimisation techniques that will offer you and your clients dedicated services that answer to: converting web traffic to leads, increasing sales, increasing signups and increasing enquiries. We are able to meet these highly desirable sales objectives by initiating a 6-month CRO process that includes:

Stage 1 – first three months

This setup period involves an intensive part of the process with analysis, recommendations, implementation, testing changes and reporting results.

Stage 2 – months 4 to 6

Implemented changes will continue to be monitored for success. After the 6th month of analysis, monitoring and reporting, clients will receive a final report detailing the improvements made as well as suggestions for further potential improvements.


Analytics Analysis

Sessions, Bounce Rate, Exite Rate, Exit Place, Conversion Rate, Average Time on Page etc

CRO Tools

Google Analytics, Crazzy Eggs, Kissmetrics

Website Analysis

Design, Call To Actions, Loading Speed, Responsiveness, Imagery, Color Scheme etc

Content Optimisation

Content Length, Placement, Relevance, Quality, Accuracy

CRO Testing

Implementation of CRO, Split Testing of Traffic, More Changes, Comparison with Old Site


Comprehensive CRO Report After 3 Months, Implementaion of changes, Month 4 Analysis & Reporting, Month 5 Analysis & Reporting, Month 6 Final Reporting

A crucial part of our CRO process is site speed optimisation (SSO). By conducting an analysis of a website, our specialists will make the necessary changes to the website that will ensure visitors are happy to remain on a website long enough to become guaranteed customers.

If you’re already offering digital marketing services such as web design, Adwords, social media and SEO to your clients, adding CRO techniques into the mix will only improve the results you’re receiving for your clients from these digital marketing strategies. We also offer confirmed results from Case Studies that indicate the strength of our product to grant results.